Free Amazon VPS

Amazon do offer free vps but after buying other services. Currently they support free vps with one year cost. Best thing is that they offer one day vps. So you can test their servers before buy.

Amazon provides VPS hosting sevices for all over the world. Amazon is being more and more popular for VPS hosting services. They have highly conigured VPS platform for VPS hosting service so they doing well.

613MB memory 10GB storage (via Amazon Elastic Block Storage) with limit of 1 million I/Os. 30GB/month data transferXen — 32 bit or 64 bit

Free Virtual Private Server is suitable for them who wants to test a performance with VPS for their websites. There are no cost of money.

Serving Amazon Free VPS will give benefit to users from development countries in the world. Now a days it is popular all over the world.

Amazon Free VPS are free of cost. They are just serving people for experiencing Virtual Private Server.

Addition Facilities: There are no extra facilities with free VPS host like IP address, extra hard disk, dedicated RAM, Core etc. This options are for paid users.

Amazon Free VPS

Before using Amazon Free VPS hosting contact the host provider. Most of the host provider will have live chat option, Call options or contact form in their websites. Contact with them before serving you free VPS.

Host provider has some business policies, they have mass emailing limit, traffic control policy etc.